Sunday 10 May 2020

Snehasish Ghosh, Prose 500 2020, Longlist

A Tale of a Boy

Once there lived a boy in a town. He was a studios boy from his early childhood.His grades determined his sincerity towards his achieving something big in life. He had high dreams of becoming a successful person in life.

He grew up passing with flying colours every examination that he appeared. The boy was somewhat introvert. He especially felt shy to talk to girls. Then came his matriculation examination. He fared quite well in thr examination,though the results did not live up to his expectations. He felt quite depressed as he believed that his hard work did not pay off. This depression of his started to increase and he started suffering from mental anxieties. This problem of his increased day by day and finally he was taken to a phycologist for a check up.He was then reported to have been suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). He was prescribed medicines and given many therapeutic sessions in order to recover. He too showed signs of progress.But he had not recovered fully. He then accepted that he had to perform well in the upcoming examinations and that the Matriculation was just a starting of a process.He took admission in a Junior College nearby.This was also a shock for him as he always dreamt of going to a better college after the matriculation. But this physiological problem of his prevented him from doing so. He started studying in the junior college that he took admission in. But he could not study like he did previously due to his disorder.

At that point, a twist came in his life. A girl came to study in the same college he was studying. When he first saw the girl,he was dumbstruck. He fell for the girl at once. But he decided that he would not talk to the girl ever as he felt that if he did so, he would fall for her forever and would not be concentrating on his studies.

Then came the finals of their First Year.The girl he liked sat right beside him on the examination. When he took to his seat in the examination hall, he was taken aback by surprise. His heart started beating faster. After the examination, the girl asked him,"How's your exam?" He turned around to see if she was asking him or was there anyone else to who she was talking to. The girl at once said,"Hello, I am asking you.What are you looking for?" He said," I thought you were asking someone else." He blushed."Anyways, mine was quite well.How was yours?" She replied, "Not well yaar, You know I had not attended class thr last few days and so I had no notes on several topics too." This way they started talking. The boy even droped him on his bike to her hostel.The girl waved him bye.He was very happy that day.That day was the best day of his life.

Days passed and their First Year examinations were over and they were promoted to Second Year. In the first day of the Second Year

the boy waved the girl,"Hi,How are you?" She replied, "Hey,I am quite well.What about you?" He said at once,"Going with the flow." She laughed.They began talking.Days passed on this way and they became very good friends. The boy was already in deep love with the girl.One day,he proposed the girl.The girl replied accepted his love. They started their relationship.

Everyone in the college began to notice their love.In the meanwhile, the boy started refraining from studies and his grades gradually dipped while the grades of the girl was always on the top. One day,the Principal of thr college callef upon the boy and asked him about his downfall. To which he replied, "Nothing, Everything is fine." His parents were called and askef the reason for his poor grades.His parents did know nothing about this.A terminal exam was held in the college. The boy failed in every subject in the terminals while the girl secured the first position.

This called for a serious check upon the boy.His parents were angry with him too.They scolded him.To which he replied, " Leave me alone.It's my life. Who the hell are you to tell me what I am supposed to do?" His parents were very upset with him.They even came to know about the girl.The boy's father complained the principal of the college about all this.The principal called the boy to his office.He asked the boy,"Are you in this college to make a love story?" The boy was silent."He also said,"This is a college and not a park.If you don't feel like studying then leave it." He after pausing for a moment said,"From today onwards,you will not tlk with that that girl.This is my last warning to you."The boy replied,"I can't do that."Saying so,he moved out of the office room.He felt angry andanxious. He started taking drugs and became a full blown alcoholic.

Only two months were left for the Higher Secondary Final Examination. The boy had studied nothing in the whole uear.The only things he did were to roam around with the girl,take her to wherever she went, chat with her,call her and take drugs and alcohol.

When only one month was left for the examination, the girl said that she did not love him anymore as she had no feelings for him and also that they had no future together.This came to him as the biggest shock in his life.He could not just believe what he heard.He begged the girl not to leave him.But the girl heard his none and went home.

The day for examination came.The boy just came to talk to the girl and ask her what was his fault.He had no intention of writing anything in the examination. But the girl did not give an ear to his words.He called the girl after the end of every subject exam but to his fate,the girl did never respond.

The examination ended.The boy was sure to fail in every subject in the examination. He decided to quit his life.Just before the day of result announcement, he committed suicide and ended his life.His parents cried but of no use as they had already lost their one and only son.

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