Sunday 10 May 2020

Garima Batra, Prose 500 2020, Longlist

Is It The End or A New Beginning?

Anya unlocks the house and is startled to find the house in a mess- food bits, empty glass bottles scattered, spilled a drink on the floor. She then notices him dozing off in an awkward position on the sofa.

She brings a jug of water from the kitchen and splashes it over his face and probes, ‘’Rohit. I have been calling you for the past 5 hours. Where the hell were you?’’

He struggles to wake up. He is sleepy and hungover. He tries to open his eyes, with a blurry vision and heavy voice, replies, ''Hi. I am so sorry. The party went on till long, didn't realize the time.''

''Is it too much to expect from you that please inform me that you are safe? Is it?'', she shouts on him in an agitated voice.

‘’Please speak don’t shout na. My head is throbbing.’’

‘’That is bound to happen. You must have drunk a lot as if it was the last night.’’ She continued shouting.

''It was a weekend babe. Weekdays are for office, weekends are for you and parties. I love you na.’’

‘’Don’t try to deviate me from the topic. You know what I am done, I am done trying to be your caretaker and mother, taking care of the house, laundry, food everything. And in return, you can't even just text and inform that you are home and safe. I am mad chasing you. No more. I am going, bye.

Wait, he gets up from the sofa and grabs her hand to stop her from leaving the house. ‘’Please. I am sorry. You know how I am. Please don’t say this. I can’t live without you. ‘’

‘’And I can’t live like this. I am your girlfriend, not your guardian. Now, leave my hand and let me go.’’

Well, I guess it’s time then. Listening to this, Anya’s face became pale. She was just messing around him. She thought if she will fake anger before him, he might realize his mistake. But the tables around. He was about to break off with her.

‘’Time for what?’’, she asks in a low voice.

‘’Time for moving in together, silly. Look at your face.’’ He laughs and says, ‘’it’s not just you who can mess around. I can too. But I am serious, let’s move in together. ‘’

Anya hugged him tightly and this gesture gave Rohit her response. He hugs her and says, ‘’so whose it will be, mine or yours?’’

‘’A new one for new memories’’. She replied.

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