Sunday 10 May 2020

Diwakar Pokhriyal, Prose 500 2020, Shortlist

A Decision

As I snuck away in the wee hours of the morning, I wondered if anyone would ever know
what really happened. But I was sure they will figure out soon the real reason of my actions.

More than what was happening at that point of time wasn’t as important as the gravity
of the incident that shook my life past night. For them it might be a disaster, but for me
it was like a boon, a blessing in disguise. It was like a wish come true or an inspiration
to set thy soul free. I had no remorse on the actions I was about to take.

My mind was guiding me of this freedom since many years, but today my heart had seen it all
and shook hands with my mind. I stepped out of my house and silently walked towards the river bank. I had planned it yesterday and today I was going to be free from this mental slavery.

I quietly walked off till the river bank and took a deep breath. The boat was at the exact same position where it should be. I sat on the boat for a never-ending journey. I knew nothing would be same from today onwards. I couldn’t step back or turn the tide once I’ll begin my sail. I rowed for some time and stopped at a distance.

I glanced towards my home. “Will I ever come back to this place?” I thought.
No-one knows what destiny has in mind, but my heart knew the answer. I was going to live;

I was inspired to craft my destiny in my own way. I took a deep breath again and the first ray of light struck my eyes enlightening my soul for a new beginning.

I had taken my fisher's net hoping to have my breakfast. But to have my breakfast, I needed to catch a fish. I knew I had enough time before someone would come this way, so I decided to have my breakfast.

After a blissful journey, I reached my destination.
“How are you?” an old man smiled looking at me.
“I am doing great,” I smiled and went inside.

“Who is this young boy and what is he doing here?” Another old man inquired of the first one.
“He is a painter. He has left his house and now, he will be living here. He will do the Old Age Home work and along with it he will pursue his passion of painting,” The Old Man smiled.

“But does he also have a fisher's net?” The second old man asked.
“He will catch fish by the nearby river,” he smiled.
“How are you so sure?” The second old man was a bit confused.

“How can I be unsure about my grandchild”, He smiled and closed his eyes.
A tear travelled from the sea to the desert, to complete a circle.

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