Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Featured Poet, Usha Amulya

The Saga of Tribes, Battles & Empires

Coalesced the clans of each tribe lord
as the realms of purandara stood by accord
for the sacrifices by the shadows of creek
by the shards of epochs, hitherto meek

Beseeched the pantheons, forged in iron
unbeknownst to thee, the calleth of return
kubha, kruma, gomathi, swastu, beyond
where the spoils of war & riches, dawned

Thus spake, Vashishta, the venerated sage
"Oh, the descendant of tritsu, listen
thy travails of wanderings lest rage
beyond thy murky dwellings, glisten
for thriving path of honour, reckons
to crown thee, the heaven beckons
eternity, thee name shall be famed
thee shall be throned, it is heavens ordained.
Oh mighty, sudas raise thy sword
thy horses by ruins, stood saddled
by the river parusni, chariots rattled
for thy commands, thy tribes, my lord"

Clanking metals and sharpened saws
armours bound, threatening jaws
for now, treads the saviour heavily clad
the battle throngs of the extolled lad,

and, stood each tribe by the river, duly
oblations offered to lord Agni, in fury
for now heralds the new era, returned
puru, yadu, turvsu, others, yearned

bled the earth crimson, for rivers welled
as the lord said, "behold the glorious warrior sky
traverse the clouds, mountains high"
and thus began the battle to supremacy, unparallelled