Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Featured Poet, Swatilekha Roy

An Ode to Shower

Rivulets from icebergs, mud gorges from wrong touches
Ripples of despair in the cracks and crevices 
of brown trenches - the armpits.
Someone must have switched the geyser off again,
But you don’t mind the numbness- it has been around for a while.
with every drop of cold sweat and feet on an exile
No one to resent your space,
Or point at this mess
Or even scoff at the dress
Because there isn’t one on.
Music drowning out the admonishing
of frantic thoughts-
The ‘oh why-s’ and ‘why not-s’
and every other regret under the peach tiled roof;
Warmer canyons of narrow doubts and shadow creeks
Trailing down your unflushed cheeks,
The snaking line of smoke,
Lisps and traces, warm and formless,
Drifting like you, out through the window
Settling on cool pipes
Like a cosy winter memory
Young and forgotten, a summary.

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