Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Longlist, Shivani Dua


No union,but separation,
No togetherness,but division.

You and me….. can’t be we,
This is your religion..that is mine,
This is your country…that is mine,
Why be together??…Divisions are fine.

Is that all or there are some more bars?
Leaving on the hearts numerous scars.

The listed divisions are just a glimpse,
The background is the real eclipse.

The background is a gory tale of hatred and jealousy,
Blot on humanity’s face…defacing the galaxy.

Killing each other in the name of rituals and religions,
Putting numerous bars..creating divisions.

Is this what is called humanity?
No….This I term total  insanity.

All are lovely….All are pure,
All white….No black for sure.

We just lost our track,
Just pause and look back.

Whatever is done… can’t be undone,
But even the faintest hope for a new beginning....Why to abandon?

Come and break the bar,
Let peace prevail….STOP THE WAR.

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