Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Longlist, Sakshi Bhatnagar

Ladder to Happiness

Ladder to happiness

Today's fast pace world

Has made a man whirl

Whirl for power, whirl for status and whirl for money

Has left him with fake friends, being real if any

His lust is driving him towards craziness

And he has pretermitted his way towards ladder to happiness

God please guide him ladder of happiness how to climb

The way is simple: just be kind

To help someone in need

Is a single example of his good deed

That will drive him towards blitheness

And show him the way towards ladder of happiness

Ladder of happiness never descends

The more man does good to others,the more it ascends

Its destination beings the door to heaven

The heaven which makes you feel joyous and enlightened

So for inner peace and cheerfulness

Always pave a path towards ladder to happiness

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