Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Longlist, Ruam Mukherjee

Questions, more questions,
That's all they asked her.

She wanted to fly,                     
Society wanted to build her a cage.
She wanted to be like a bird, soar high,
They clipped her wings and asked her "why".

She knew her soul belonged elsewhere,
Away from their hard "stares",
to maybe some she would show a smile that was rare,
Maybe to none would her heart she bare.
She knew underneath their never-ending questions; in reality they did not actually about her care.

Her indifference was to them very scary.
Her mannerisms were relatively distant and aloof.
It was that difference that upset society leaders a lot,
They could never comprehend her with all the knowledge or wealth they had ever got.
Money only further hid the foul stench of their pretentious rot.

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