Thursday 15 August 2019

Razia Kapadia Poonawala, Poetry 2019 Shortlist

Breaking Free

Revenge might seem at that time very sweet,
When you just want to crush someone under your feet,
But show strength by flying away from the earth's heat
Soar high like a bird, there is success you have to meet.

If you focus on clipping others wings,
Few moments, the victory song you will sing
But when the music and lights will dim,
You will find yourself floating in the same soup you were in .

Look ahead, don't look what's beneath,
Control your mind and do not seethe,
If your thoughts will be sad and bitter,
Freely fly you will never.

It isn't going to be easy to forgive and let go,
Understand the uselessness of any drama or show,
Rather focus on yourself , it's all right if it's slow,
Always remember, it's important that within you must grow.

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