Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Longlist, Neethu Chandran

Snow in Summer

Her gaze fell upon,
The green pastures and tiled houses
Sleeping hills, naked branches
Unashamed the trees quiver
Wearing the cloak, a silvery white.

The morning sun prying upon
Lives covered head to toe
Wading through the roads
Unseen, felt under the feet
Three feet below.

Quiet, as they drift
End to end
The flakes descending from the heaven
It's snowing now in Lebanon.
He told me, this is how it feels
To live in a land
That turns day to night
The hustle to a quiet
And green to pure white.

Indeed it is!
As she glanced upon
A photograph that turned
Her dim lit room
Turn cold and white
On a summer night...

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