Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Featured Poet, Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

Africa: Our Home Is Our Pride

(For wanderers)

If he had known where he would go,
He would not have prayed to see even a cargo-
talk less of fleeing
from his country, going out of our seeing

If he had known that was how he would be treated,
In that far away land
He would not have fled

If he had known how hard it was to live
He would not have tried
To roam or wander like a rabbit 
in the fat forest
His tears now would not have fallen
in the search for greener pasture
Every where in the forest is green
Stop where you are and find a grass

If he had known my country was that rich
He wouldn't have left his country
in search of prestige
At that his age

Africa: Our home is our pride
Africa is blessed,
Come and look at our natural resources,
This is our home
The fertile lands are there for us to farm,
The animals are all there for us to herd,
The grasses are green,
The lands are wet,
Then what are we waiting for?
white collar jobs or what?
Let us not be lazy
since before the weather becomes hazy
Let us bend down and farm
with hoes
are we not men?
Were we not children?
This is enough for us
to stand and work for ourselves,
Our land is beautiful,
Our land is ready,
Our land needs to be boosted,
Our land needs to be restored
of all its lost glories
If we all flee, Tell me!
who will come and do it for us?
Is it women?

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