Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Longlist, Lakshmi Iyer

To my Daughter, With Love...

God's surprise gift
with smile so pink 
Father's pride
That is you, dear!

Can I hold your hand?
Shall I rest on your lap?
Now that I'm growing old
And my mind week...
Let me hear your voice
Caring me,dear

Indeed, it's you!
Your advices
Your support
Your nearness
Calm my inner
Linking to nowhere.

Once upon a time
I took you in my arms.
Now, it's indeed you
shouldering me
My vague thoughts....!

Thanks dear,
Be with me,
Be with my soul
as I stray away
and lay upon this earth
being one with the souls.
A star in the sky....

Don't worry,
I shall be your guiding star
Lighting your ideas
Blessing you.

Dear daughter, With Love
Yours Amma

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