Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Longlist, Anurag Sharma

We- The merciless

As I look into the tyrant sky,
Subjugating my inner voice in the mist of smoky clouds,
In the concrete jungles i lie helpless,
What we have made of this world?
As the toxic air enters my dying lungs,
As someone gushes water on my drying lips from the taps,
As my ears thrive for the chirping of birds,
I breathe the last thinking about the younger generations,
What am I leaving for them?
Have I made this world the better place?
We mercilessly cut those trees which provide us the oxygen to breathe in,
We demolish the jungles which are houses of endless species,
We damage the snowcapped mountains and lakes with our garbage,
We throw debris in the rivers and seas which are of lifelines,
And then ironically we play victim that nothing is pure,
As death engulfs each and every one of us,
Its high time that we wake up from this somber sleep,
Make this nature the best friend rather than becoming its enemy,
Plant more trees, use less plastic,
Keep the environment clean and air less toxic,
Life is journey of few breathes,
Make sure ones you inhale are not polluted,
If you can’t create something, then don’t damage what’s existing.