Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Longlist, Anmol Ankita

Darkest desires

I'm attracted to the wrong every time. 
It's those moments when I wonder what is good 
and what is bad when my desires are clear and vices are near.

I know I would lose the love I have for myself 
if I let those wrong hands touch my forbidden place. 
God! How I want to!

That's the thing about desires, the darkest of it is the strongest, 
and comes with the most powerful regret in the post scenarios. 
How can I follow such a darkened path when I never do regrets? 
And yet, I do. Desires don't seek for a logical, reasonable thinking either.
I'm pure and untouched, yet touched by countless desires from men. 
I don't know what would that make me? A sinner? An impure?

I'm standing in between the white as a virgin side 
and the dark as a damsel path, 
with the bridge obscuring perfectly between the good and the bad.

“Touch me”, I say.
And he does.. Perfectly and imperfectly 
but somehow meets my need
- and quenches the heartfelt thirst for that sinful, warm touch.

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