Saturday 15 September 2018

Poetry 2018 Longlist, Vikas Sharma

Who Asked You, It’s Your Fault

Sugar you tried to add in salt.
It is not their, only your fault.
You were told to be a part of that.
Was hard work done to get the hat?
‘Yes’ made others to feel inferior.
Outer decoration fails before interior.
If you say no it is my habit.
Are they tortoise and you are a rabbit?
Like dissolves like is a universal fact.
Target was made with a clever tact.
Competition with self is always fruitful.
Planning for close is surely painful.
You must learn soon, to face and bear.
It is a matter of profession, no friend and dear.
Fear and security was not shown.
Strange behaviour was felt in the zone.
Back step taken to give them space.
Not always losers who quit the race.
Children can be made calm, with a toy.
Beautiful moments of life not to destroy.
Had to come without any bout.
Eye contact difficult after pout or shout.
Can understand better are not fool.
Patience helps mind to be cool.
Wishing to each other was only formal.
Time is powerful in making things normal.

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