Saturday 15 September 2018

Poetry 2018 Longlist, Usha Amulya

The Capricious Throne

Laden with the jewels imposing crown
stood the gaudy vicious throne
for who sat in its lumbersome lap
wore the diadem wreathed in its trap

clenching the mighty pillars afar
swept across the battle’s drums of war
allying it’s mighty ruler’s eternal chamber
painting each rival’s princess in sombre

sealed forever in fate’s caprice chess
she held her hand swapped as empress
donning the regal sautoir of bequest
sat as the ruler’s pretentious conquest

it’s saws ran amidst ruinous strife
as each subject laid down one’s precious  life
to satiate the ruler’s hegemonic grasp
starving for riches beyond its clasp

as it’s majesty’s reaches turned all grey
the ticking time circled round about
turning the tables of history in clout
the throne lured his rivals in its play

the battle chained the ruler aghast
as all his vast riches lay in the past
for now stood the new master crowned
in the clutches of the throne securely bound

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