Saturday 15 September 2018

Poetry 2018 Longlist Soumi Duttagupta

The Unwritten Blush That Remained Unread

“I can for a life time!”
A pause poised.
“Soak in your insane insanity,”
The perfectly imperfect she
Deluged in the crimson hue;
She saw her in his azure blue.
The moment stood hanging on the edge
Lost in the swaying mustard yellow field!
A bloody line drawn,
Defining a frontier to act on.
Politics and religion cunningly conspired
To flung them apart in the partioned land.
 She ran until she could no more run
Her squeals, her scream got inhumed in the mushy field.
Her briefly acquainted love,  
Lay lifeless,
Bloodied with his fixed gaze.
They failed to seize the day.
Words they wanted to say
Lay scattered in the muddled quay.
Unwritten, unread, they remain untouched!
The unwritten letter tinged
With her crimson blush,
Floated away unread 
In the bloodied gush!