Saturday 15 September 2018

Poetry 2018 Longlist, Khyati Gautam

Just in the middle of the chaos,
When I was running errands for my home,
The nagging hiccup came up with full force,
Akin to the manner in which water settles down
And at the top remains the foam.

The soft foam that glitters with all its might,
Settles on the speckles on clothes producing a beautiful sight.
The hiccup was elysian similarly in the way,
As it reminded me of the names that were, for long, kept at the bay.

Through an array of faces, I recalled a few,
Kept chanting them in my heart and it stopped at one, phew!
I heaved a sigh of relief for a second,
And resumed my job of running errand.

Mess that occupied me kept me extremely busy,
It was exactly a maze getting out of which was not at all easy.
As the momentum of my business slackened,
I remembered a ‘name’ and my senses awakened.

Am I still breathing in his fantasies?
Do I still occupy his mind and dominate his reveries?

A series of questions were shot at my subconscious,
Those bundles of questions were pungent and perspicuous.
They intended to illuminate the darkest corners of my heart,
With the medley of words, they were wrapped in like a craft.

Memories of the past kept coming back to my mind,
Their fragrance seeped through the tiny holes when knots untied.

Your visage, your cologne, your dapper style,
That sly smile and the eyes that beguile,
The mien you possessed was enticing,
And the way you used to wrap your arms around me left me blushing.

The warmth of your protective hug was healing,
The endearing words protruding out of your conscience was soothing.
Everything about you was surreal and eerie,
Each time I had a thought of you, it made me feel queasy.

The time elapsed and the distance between us grew rapidly,
To strangulate the love that was slowly brewing.
Years rolled by since our paths diverted,
Affection was forgotten as we departed.

But, somewhere a hue of incomplete love still adorns my life,
This Elysian hiccup aided me in reliving those colors that were once rife.

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