Saturday 15 September 2018

Poetry 2018 Longlist, Aman Saxena

Believe in Life, Believe in Me

When I look at the sky, I see my life’s not all a loss,
I see all things to gain, for a Life free from challenges,
When I look at the sky, I know in times of grey,
I was not complete, and I was not to blame!
For I am a human, Life can crush us on every side,
It can be cruel and tough, but we have hope,
we have peace, when to the bright side we look.
Some people stand, some people move
Tough time don’t last, but tough people do!
As long as you’ve got hope, you’ll find your way.
There’s power in the thoughts that you think,
there’s power in the words you say!!
"Like I can, I can. I will, I will.
I am, I am. No fear, no fear.”
Today, I saw a rainbow in the sky of rain,
It stood tall and tall and told me I can do anything
If I believe, I believe, I believe in me!!

I believe, I believe, Yes ! I believe in me."

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