Wednesday 26 December 2018

Poetry 2018, Featured Poet, Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

My Letter to Daddy

Dear my father, You are like a farmer:
That farmed on my land
With hoe and cutlass
During rainy and dry seasons
For long, planting seeds,
Know that, your plant will not produce poor products
Your service is unrewardable here
Only God can reward you
All the shades we spread now,
Come after your fertilization

How will I forget you?
How far have I gone?
That I can’t see my back
I am not such a blind driver,
That drives without a mirrow
On a narrow road, thinking to arrive safely

Do you think that I forget you,
Your face, walking, and thoughts
If I forget everything,
I think you, would not be forgotten

Don’t you think I am that child?
That remembers his father’s caring
in the day and night
His efforts in disciplining him,
His responses to his cries
Open your ears and hear me!

I still see you in my mind,
The tree you watered,
Is spreading its roots, products,
And shades in the world

Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim is a young Nigerian writer, playwright and poet. He was born in the year 2001. He attended Gombe Children School for his nursery and primary school education. He studied at Gombe High School. He is a member of Poets In Nigeria Gombe Connect Center. Some of his works are published in Tuck online magazine, praxis magazine online, Philip Peace Literary Art World and TACT organisation. He has been featured in 4 international anthologies. He has won many poetry challenges. He started writing at sixteen. He believes that writing will bring change in our today’s society.

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