Saturday 1 February 2014

Flash Fiction 2014 Shortlist, Aditi Singh


Koti skidded across the slippery Worli Sea Face to reach her favourite spot by the rocky sea. The only thing that bought her unbridled happiness was pebbles: perfect, round, shiny stones. If she saw one, she had one more for her ever growing collection. The sea face was churning up quite a few of her geological treasures this monsoon. After casting a weary eye around, she leaned over the cement bund and to her astonishment saw an entire bed of perfect stones. She felt giddy with excitement. Gingerly she picked up most of the small pebbles which had landed on the bigger rocks, all but one enormous stone. As she leapt over the wall, she slipped on a perfect round stone. They never recovered her body. Maybe, she’s resting deep within the ocean, surrounded by a bed of round pebbles

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