Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry Longlist 2017 Abhay Thakur

The Song of The Moon

With the last ray of light.
The Sun goes down .
Then comes The Night.
The rightful owner of its crown.
With The Night comes them all.
They wake from their sleep when the Sun falls.
Creeping out from the Sun's shadow.
They all come out.
As they come then they shout.
They shout out something that can be heard only by few.
When they come, they colour the sky black which once was blue.
They shout out as the ancients used to do.
Before telling the stories of magic and voodoo.
It's their gathering call.
To gather them all.
All those who have a heart for adventures.
But in those hearts there must not be any fear.
The heart of a lion and the spirit of a dove .
The Call will be heard only by the ones worthy enough.
As The Night crawls into my room .
Just like it , they do it too.
Listening to their talk , I am among those few.
They talk and they tell.
They whisper and they yell.
Listening to their yawps and their whispers .
I am one of those who call themselves The Night Listeners.
We listen to the sound of The Silence .
Away from this treacherous world's violence.
Sometimes The Night talks like me.
Replicating my beliefs and my envy.
It thinks like me and like me it dreams.
It laughs like me and like me it screams.
But sometimes as I listen deeply to its sound
There is  a deep secret that I always found.
The Night tells me something that I must not disclose.
It's a secret between us that I chose.
It's the tale of two Kings fighting a war.
It's The Song of The Moon, that it pour.
Onto the clouds and all the stars.
Onto the worlds, near or far.
It's the Song Of The Moon.
That The Night told me.
It's The Song Of The Moon.
That I am telling thee.
It's The Song for the spirits who are free.
But you must remember, it's a secret between you and me.
Now you know the secret , so you must listen to the sound.
The sound of the silence that you might have found.
Listen carefully and you may hear.
Them coming near and their whispers.
Now thou shall call thyself a Night Listener.
You will listen to The Night's Sound.
The melody of stars and the rhymes of clouds.
Then you will hear it someday or maybe soon.
The best of all, The Song Of The Moon.

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