Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Ammu Maria Ashok

The Womb

Following your development
Week by week
When you fertilized in twenty-four hours 
I see you ovulate
A spot of new human life
You divide to multiple cells
Journey through fallopian tube
Finally, to me
Start to burrow into the nutrient rich wall
Microscopic ball of hundred multiplying cells
Finally, to embryo in four weeks
Now you look like a poppy seed
Your tiny heart starts to beat
Nose, mouth, tiny earlobes start to shape
Paddles like little hands and feet emerge
Nerve cells branch out
Sucking movements of your mouth
A gentle poke by your mother
Extended breathing tubes
That connects the motherly passion
You open and close your fingers
Brain impulse began to fire
Now you sense lights
I feel ultrasonic sounds
To test your sex
Head upright, scalp formed, but no hair
Moved your legs to kick me
Active five senses
I saw you enjoying the music outside
You sleep, wakes up, blinks your eyes
You swallow now and jabs on my wall
You inhale and exhale
Umbilical cord, now stronger and thicker
Now you have an active brain
Ready to function outside
You snug inside
Regulated body temperature
Ready to move outside
I feel the excitement of your mother
I am not excited
But sad to lose you as
I am your first mother.

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