Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Alka Jaiswal

It's hard to believe that my retina is weak,
 To Project the guidance of thy inner seek.
 It's hard to believe that my skills are immature,
To upgrade my version of my windows true.
 It's hard to believe that my feelings are emotional,
To paint the wall of fame in the name of blackmail.
It's hard to believe that my attitude symphonies as loins roar,
To snatch insulation from the hand of desolate abode.
 Then why? I fail to seek the essence of humiliation ,
When I am perfectly not wrong! Why can't I awaken my spirit to fight for injustice?
 Rather pasting black screen on the process of moving forward!
 Awake! Arise! Is what my options goal,
Yet I fail to express my gratitude to help the victim ahead...
Wake up! Wake up! It's an wake up call to action thy rigidness!

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