Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Akshad Tambekar

Apologetic We Remain
For the times we go wrong and when we inflict pain...
No matter how we change, apologetic we still remain
For once when you fissure a relationship there will be a persistent stain
In the long run, apologetic we remain…
When you are man of your words, but with unfulfilled promises, your image doesn't remain the same...
Even though you start fresh but within apologetic you still remain!
It's all gone now. It has changed!
The bond has lapsed and grown but still apologetic you remain!
For a tear shed under the dark night and the ignorant sight, it's not blame game!
You cut your ego, your pride but still apologetic we remain
You often wish to talk it out but you have not words to say...
It's not because of your ego but as apologetic we still remain...
You mess it up. You break a heart. Your actions do things worse than getting parched.
You want to go undo. You want to go back in time to ooze out the pain..
But it's too late. Now apologetic we remain.
You thought you are mighty. Attitude flows in your vein.
But turns out you are so feeble. That apologetic we remain.
It has vanished but has left a scar. For once little it get exposed, all your smile dies in vain...
You have your heart out. You have built a trust. But within apologetic we remain!
Apologetic we remain!

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