Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Abhimanyu

The Dear Eagle ---

 I m the eagle, King of birds,
And no one stops.
Scaling the sky with all my might, that’s why everyone has my fright.
The head is up with lots of glory, without fear I am rowdy.
The prey trembles on my sight doesn’t stand without fear upright.
You can call me wrath as other names, killing ‘n’ crushing are my games.
In the sky I glide, on the land I just slide.
I don’t like companions, because I am champion of champions.
For my pray I am hell, for my pray my presence is fire well.
I see my pray from miles away, on seeing me, it instantly dies away.
I command the birds in air, without my orders no one can move their small wing pair.
Every day I reach the topmost heights, which others can’t reach in any of their flights.
Like a killing machine I’ve born to kill, that’s the thing which gives me thrill.
Don’t mess with me; because I am your death warrant, I am very violent.

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