Friday 15 September 2017

Short Story 2017 Longlist Prasad Sarela

My Soul Mate

Like a young bud of a tree, in the valley of a beautiful garden. Like a Sun and the moon after their creation waiting to be assigned with their work. Like a warrior of universal planets, waiting for a battle for centuries. In an unknown universe, I am in, trying to find a way back to a slightly known universe.

After finishing my college lectures, one day, I was coming out from my college building towards the main exit gate to get back to my home. When I reached the end of that gate I remembered that I had to accompany one of friend till the station as it was on the way.
So I decided to look back and see if he is coming.  I turned back towards the college building for him and I saw her standing there!

Like a light in darkness containing a source of living. She was carrying a purpose of life with an answer to unknown questions. There I saw her; she was standing with a radiant light glowing from her. I saw her, through that radiance, the missing part of me and the completion of myself.
The moment I saw her, I became so weak that I was unable to hold my legs to stand anymore. I grabbed the huge Iron Gate of my college, so that I will not fell down. I realized that all my super powers, knowledge, wisdom and strength have disappeared.
Since then I have never been able to release my hand from that gate and most precious part of me is still standing there holding the gate hoping to reach home one day.

(Best way to understand the meaning of any word is to experience that incident, situation or feeling and then finding a word for it:
It’s a soul split and sent here on earth to re-unite. Love at first sight. Where all our senses in collaboration with mind and soul unite together to shout with a roaring voice “She is the one”. It is a desire of heart and soul which overrides the need for communication or understanding of a girl.

All our supernatural parts rejoice within themselves. It’s a voice of heart and soul. It’s a voice of our subconscious mind carrying thoughts from past before birth. It’s the only time, when our brain hides its true happiness by being silent for being cornered.
It demolishes all the differences and discriminations making us reach to the highest level of consciousness. It’s like a seed yet to put to soil. It’s a hope and belief with faith. Like a dark night that is sure of sun will arrive with its brightness in the dawn.
Our journey travels in a new wave length far away from earthly principles, traditions and its feelings which take us into a journey far ahead of need, expectations, joy, pain and happiness.)
Since then I am on a journey unknown to myself. Of following my dream!

My wishes, feelings, thoughts or desires for her:
Let her darkness be added in my life. And her sorrow is added in my happiness. I wish all her wishes be fulfilled. I see her a million times, every moment I try to think of her.
Loving her has never made me feel sorrow or pain. She has redefined the meaning of love for me. Though I live in my body but my soul is her. Her birth is a favour for me and seeing her in this life is a blessing.
I have been living happily, for more than a decade now, in her thoughts. And, I am planning to see her soon to get my survival for a decade more.

If she would smile looking at me, I would not complain for a century. If she would talk with me, I would die on the same day with happiness. When my day is black, I think of her and it turns out as a bright morning day. She has inhaled me into her nostrils like a fresh air, that I feel her breath on myself every moment.
If I would have been a spirit, I would have entered into her body. Let me live in her thoughts as it is like a blood in my veins.

Two of the most beautiful stars unite together to form her eyes. Through her eyes, we can determine the length of ocean and sky and can see the other universes. Her hair is curled around her head like a crown declaring her to be the Queen. Her cheeks are the source through which the radiance finds its path. Her nose is like an Eiffel tower, providing beauty to the great city.

She has lips like beautiful rose petals wrapped to form a rose. Her teeth are white like a snow of the great mountains. Her smile is formed through the morning breeze of an autumn. Her body is like someone greater who has curved as a world’s greatest monument.
When she walks … the earth trembles with happiness. When she laughs, a miracle happens in the surrounding. Her presence proves that the world which exists is true. I believe, cuneiforms were derived by her. Thus, makes me write about her. I wish to ask her the secret of herself. How did she become the way she is … I wish to ask her if she is real or a dream …!

Sun gets its energy from her. Through her sclera, the moon shades its light. Night creates itself by robbing her unknown darkness, providing a pleasant atmosphere for its lover’s.
She supplies waters to rivers and oceans. Birds still search for her, from the sky, to find her residence. At times, I get amazed to see them rotate around my heart.
She should avoid going near the sea shore … as waves try to extend their boundaries in verge of touching her feet. Knowledge takes guidance from her and wisdom pleads for insight. I am sure she supplies energy to the other advanced planets for their latest technology.

When she says NO … take it with love…. as most of them have lost their battles by rejecting her “No”. Her confusion re-solves the greatest puzzles of the earth and other planets.
When she is incorrect … make a note of it…. it might be used as the most peaceful or trusted principles of entire universe for coming generations.
It’s good that she does not care about the world.  If she did, the universe would lose its control on itself through her care and love. She is the fountain of love and life. She has named the oceans in her free time. She has meaning for most of the words and has answers to most hidden questions of life.

Although there are so many planets but still she chooses earth for her stay. I believe, dreams were suggested to God by her, to be given as a gift for my survival. I believe this queen of universe is here for a specific purpose which is unknown to the world.
She has become water for my thirst and breath for my lungs. She is vision for my eyes. She has become a subconscious mind of my consciousness mind. Thus, she has control over me. While I am slept, my heart follows me in my dreams and waits for her.

She has been a best friend of mine along with other children’s who are my friends.
I want to take care of her like a small baby. I would love her like a daughter whom I want to take care for the rest my life.
If she would have been a small baby, I would not have put her down no matter how much my hands would pain. I would play with her hair and I would make her ready when she would go out.

I would prepare food for her and would feed her with my hands. I would feed her more food than what she can have. I would make her laugh till the time she is tired. I would make her sleep by placing her head on my lap and I would sing her favourite old songs.
I would sleep only when I will find her sleeping. Before she gets up from her sleep I would wash all the clothes, utensils and clean the house. I would be ready with a cup of her tea before she is awake. I would bring her loved children’s at home to play with her at day time, by convincing their parents.

I would name my house with her label. I would take her along with her loved ones to the trips. I would make my mom love her more than her daughters.
Nature gets over whelmed when she visits them. So once a while I would take her away to the place where there are trees, flowers, lakes, rivers and sea and I will make nature see her.
I did something which I never intended to do in my life, by asking god for her without leaving the choice to him. She is one who has connected me back to god. She is the most beautiful creation of him in whom I delight. She is very close to him, who made me love her. Now I want the same one to make her to be in my life.

My journey to follow her will continue. I would let her live in her own dreams. And I would do the same. Though, I do not carry power like her but I will cross all the planets of universe to see her without her notice and love her without her consent. I believe to see her in her dreams without of her aware. I will pass through all of her dreams to watch her and love her forever.
Though mind protects but listening to heart is what initiates our soul on a magical journey to our life and its purpose. And when we believe in heart and live with it, then we travel in an unknown magical world along with its beautiful things. And in that magical world it’s difficult to find a difference between the real world and the dreams.

I have a very less memory so I am finding it most difficulty in realizing between the dreams and the real ones. I wish my dreams would never make me realize even if it is.
Hopefully, when I will get to see her one day, she will be able to draw a line of difference between the dream and real world in my life!

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