Friday 15 September 2017

Short Story 2017 Longlist Arpit Agarwal

A Life Changing News

This is a story about a boy who was born in a very rich family. He was the only child of his parents. His father was a Chief of Thermal Power Corporation. The boy was pampered by his parents a lot. His each and every need and want was fulfilled by his parents. He was living a wonderful, happy & healthy life. But suddenly one day a he heard a news which changed his whole life. What was that news? Very curious to know. But wait for some time and each card of curiosity will be presented in front of you.

As I stated the boy was enjoying his life as much as he can. He was addicted to many bad habits like smoking, drinking, racing in city, partying all night with friends and all the bad habits that we can’t imagine in our dream. He was never-ever asked where he was at night, where he had spent the money given to him etc. The life was going on smoothly. Each and everything was going as per his thinking or in short I had to state I can say that all his stars were shining in the sky and this situation remained the same for a long time.

He was very worst in studies and also never takes stress about his poor performance. He was very famous in school for his notorious and monotonous activities. He never respected his teachers and elders. Always he use to make fun of them, pass bad comments on their characters and always disrespects them. These all things were going as per his thinking.
Everything was fine but what happened suddenly that a boy who never studied started studying, never respected elders started respecting them & a boy who was popular for naughtiness started getting known for his politeness and innocent behaviour.
What incident had occurred in his life which changed his whole life, his vision and made him a sincere boy?

Everyone reading this story wants to know that what had happened in reality with that boy that had bought an unimaginable, unexpected change in that boy which had stunned everyone who knew him closely.

Now not raising your curiosity to a great extent the answer or reason that had changed that boy’s life fully is as follows- One day each and everything was going same as other days. He moved to school and father gone to office as he daily goes. But then what had happened on that day which had changed a wonderful day in a shocking day and also which had a impact on the life of his all family.

The evening time-
The boy was playing with his friends in his lawn and suddenly his father came from office early. This early coming of his father had somehow awaken up his inner conscious that something wrong had happened today that father had arrived home early. His father called him inside and he asked that-“Father today you came home early”. Father replied that-“Son, today my work got over early so I came home early”. The boy got satisfied with this reply but my friends the real reason was something else. After giving the reply the father asked the child to play cricket. Both played cricket, basketball, chess and video games. 

The father took the boys for outing. Both watched a thriller movie and then ate food in a restaurant. All these things are very unusual but the boy ignored the unusualness and enjoyed that day a lot. After the supper they came back home and after changing dress his father called him and his mother in the room and told that he had hide a truth from both of them.The truth that he told was- “I had lost my job today. I had been chucked out by the senior officials as i had unable to achieve the targets set by them and also not adhering to the standards ste by them. They were very angry with me and gave me the termination letter which had bought by journey with my job to an end. I explained the reasons and also requested them to give me some time to complete the work but they had not listened to me and ordered me to leave all the luxuries provided by government to me.”

This news was like a thunderclap fall on their family. The boy was unable to understand how to react in this situation. He was unable to understand that what had happened suddenly to him and his family.
He started memorising the old days he had spent in that house; fun done with friends and many other memories.
This news had pushed the floor below his legs. This news leads him to mental trauma as he was unable to handle such an unimaginable situation. After five days he came out of mental trauma and was taken to a new house which they had taken on rent. That house was very small and also he had to share the room with his parents. He also get to know that they are not having car also.

He learnt that all his possessions were left at old house. This situation was so drastic that he was not able to handle. Now he started living with poor people, leading a simple life full of hurdles. This situation made him face the reality of the world which most of the children’s face in their lives. This incident made him understand that time can turn a king a poor person. Now he started feeling guilty of his acts and was burning in a fire of remorse, sorrow. He understood that in this world nothing is static and gets changed as per time.

This incident made him a human who is full of emotions, politeness and all the characteristics of a good human. He started respecting elders, completing work on time, helping  others and started understanding the family and social values. This incident changed his identity and he was now known by his good nature and deeds.

So this story tells you the truth of life that how a wonderful life can be changed to a unimaginable life and also it tells that the people should accept their situation and should react according to it.

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