Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Featured PMohan Chandran


Always, my heart, you steal,
But leave it in such pain, it can never heal!
Cocksure I was, my love would succeed,
Diagnosing my heart precisely, my love, you would accede.
Exacerbated, was my heart’s affliction,
Forever, once it heard your spurning diction!
Grief was running in my body, like blood,
Happy, I couldn’t be, as I was alive, but yet dead!
Insufferable was my heart’s pain,
Jetsam, I felt like, and otherwise, couldn’t feign.
Kamikaze act, I wanted to perform,
Locomotive power I lost, and drowned myself in an emotional storm!
Mellowing my trauma, was a Sisyphean task,
Nonpareil was my misery, which I couldn’t mask!
Outliving my abysmal melancholy, was a miracle,
Petrified was my heart, after this debacle!
Quagmire of emotions, was my heart,
Ruthlessly slew into many a quart!
Shell-shocked I was, by your love rejoinder,
Tempest ran through my heart, burning it to a cinder!
Umbrage I took, at my love’s repudiation,
Value of love you taught me, on every occasion.
Whammy, I suffered in love, which couldn’t be reversed,
Xoanon of love you were, but cursed!
Yin of love, you came as, into my life,
Zappy I was, but love made my woes rife!
NB: The above is an abecedarian poem, i.e., which has all the letters of the English Alphabet in order

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