Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Shortlist Ayushi Rajput

Law and Love

I never knew someone someday will change the general explanation of my life,
Never knew a stranger can designate you as his wife.
Never knew while absconding from love I will fall in love.
Never knew one day I will become a strong lioness from a timid cub.
Never knew that specific relief classes will take away all my relief,
Never knew I will believe in something I never had belief.
Never knew the Person teaching me theft will himself become the thief.
The thief of my heart and I his willing victim,
Against whom no charges lie and no court can pass any dictum.
Never knew my own heart will do with me the breach of trust,
Never knew someone can in my life have so much thrust.
Never knew someone like him can become my source of inspiration,
Never knew he will become my Sovereign and his ideology my Constitution.
Never knew I will ditch Savigny and become the follower of Austin and Bentham,
Never knew liberty and individualism will become my anthem.
Never knew a human being is the strongest drug that existed,
That was the point I realized NDPS Act be amended.
Never knew those discussions in the library and that guidance for moots will make me fly separating me from my roots.
Never knew my heart will marry that person without following any ceremonies of marriage,
Never knew I can go places without using any carriage.
Never knew those contracts classes will terminate the contract between my heart and mind,
Never knew I can find a person like him who is so loving and kind.

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