Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist, Varsha Anugraha

That Fateful Day

A sound. That big banging sound.
Chaos. Utter chaos all around.
I suddenly feel a burning sensation
I ignore it and look around in desperation,
She’s lying just a few feet away
Arms folded, eyes closed, let her be alive I pray.
The burning sensation hits me again
That growing incinerating pain.
But my sister is all I can think about
Her name escapes my lips like a shout,
I’m almost there but I stumble and fall
Desperately her name I call,
And that’s when I find the cause to my pain
A burnt leg and a broken window pane,
Are jutting out of my left side
I know Death is certain, the fate I cannot avoid,
Panic , anger, sadness and despair
Threaten to consume me, I gasp for air,
I crawl towards my sister and feel her hand
I feel a faint pulse, as she lies on the land.
I feel relieved to know she’ll grow up into a beautiful girl
With this though I close my eyes, and with it my world…

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