Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist, Swetha Sadanand

Come Winter

Come winter, her smile will lose its charm
Seemingly unhindered, she will go on her daily prowl unarmed
The fire of the angst accommodated within, an opportunity
Chills and shivers-temporary companions, not so distant the winter dream
Come winter, sleepless nights and tough days are bound to take a toll
Seemingly unhindered, she will walk on the trail set by her deadly foes
Her little ones, too little to know of her bravery
Countable are the days left until they join her quest to reach the winter dream
Come winter, she will fear for lives of her beloved and her own
Her struggles, not new to her kind yet better left unknown
How she survives and helps thrive are skills she will continue to teach
Till the time will come for her to hope that winter was only a scary dream

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