Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist, Souvik Kundu

You Don't Know

You don’t know I checked the notification window
each and every time message alarm beeps.
You don’t know my book told me that I was crying
when two drops of water fell on it.
You don’t know I love to sit on a particular bench
where I wrote your name when you were late for class.
You don’t know how spacious it feels under an umbrella
when I walk alone in rainy days.
You don’t know when I order two tea mistakenly
then the shopkeeper gives a sarcastic smile.
You don’t know one of the branches is broken
that I never noticed when I used to sit beside you.
You don’t know I used to write your name
in rain bathed window and erase it so that no one can see.
You don’t know I told you I am upset
not because of you just to see you happy.
You don’t know I spelt the same sentence in different ways
that you commented on facebook and got confused.
You don’t know I smiled when I was walking
beside the café and saw a couple sat on that exact place.
You don’t know I love you more than me
but that I haven’t told since you don’t feel the same.
You don’t know I am writing the poem to you
but you are thinking it’s for somebody else.

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