Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Soumya Swagatika Swain

Rains, Request And A Cup Of Cappuccino

I leaned against the window pane;
The curtains flinched at my touch.
I let the windows fly open,
Like a bird from its golden cage.
The waiting winds gushed in,
And smooched the locks on my temple.
And a little drop of pearl dived into my cappuccino;
An adrenaline rushed, “What was it?”
I peeped outside, and what I saw I couldn’t believe’
The heavens had heard me, my hungry prayers.
I saw the silver threads spinning down,
Freshly plucked from the Crown of Ishtar.
My roses were smiling, wider than ever,
My lilies were dancing, even charming, even gayer.
A sprite has come down, cladding the earth with joy and green,
And lo! Takes birth this welcome ode to rain of mine.
I can hear a million hearts, pounding with joy,
With this soothing drizzle to quench their thirst.
I can hear a million of them singing with gusto,
The heavenly showers, a welcome note.
The rivers are puffing up with delight,
They know that the time has finally come.
They will become the gorgeous ones of the days of young,
And fall into the embracing arms of the ocean once more.
The fields were dry and lifeless corpse alike;
You’ve brought them a new reason to live, a new glee.
You grasped the grief of the parted lovers,
You brought the love messages of the clouds down to fields.
The world had consigned to the mere oblivion,
The croaky baritone of the frog.
But now I can hear the frog croaking unrivalled,
Thanking you for descending on the earth.
For days unending, I had heard the trees mourn and whimper,
The blazing sun had left them to painful decay.
But now I can hear them cheeping welcome songs,
You gave them their virginity and euphoria back.
The summer had sucked out the charisma of the kids,
They had forgotten their cock-a-hoop lives.
But you were kind enough to bless their little prayers,
Now, I can see their paper boats swirling and twirling.
Eyes went wet seeing the miserable farmers,
They felt wretched, their livings at stake.
But you’ve brought a new rainbow into their lives,
They’re shedding, but this time, tears of happiness.
You’ve returned the earth its lost gaiety,
Everyone is merry-making your arrival.
I too welcome you wholeheartedly,
But yes writing about you, my cappuccino has gone cold.
Dear rains, all powerful and strong,
I’ve a last request to make, will you please listen?
There’s a corner of the world that desperately needs you,
Will you please wash away their fear and pain?
Every single heather of Syria is stained with blood,
The flowing rivers have become red.
The land is splashed with the innocent’s amber,
Thousands are crying with agony and are forlorn.
Do let your drops of gems, so soothing like elixir,
Wash away the horrible bloody stains.
Let them wash away all the havoc, hatred,
The fear, agony, anguish, from hearts of people.
I know you can cleanse the poison of hatred,
You can clad the land with the sash of peace and tranquility.
And I swear, the day you stop that storm of violence………..
I shall you dedicate you a hot cup of cappuccino
And proudly sing this welcome ode of mine.

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