Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist, Simran Raturi


As I try to put my thoughts to rest,
From the battles we performed our best.
I look outside the solemn window,
Showing trees lined in a row.
I stumble upon the peeking moon,
Lying to me, glittering my room.
Betraying the reality of everything,
In gleaming moonlight bathing;
To achieve a surreal beauty,
Stands facing the world before tea.
The clouds try to bring justice,
But fail to the winds accomplice;
To the glorifying dance of the leaves,
In the mountains with gentle breeze.
The daughters of night wide awake,
Charming petals as soft as cake,
Sifting through patterns of cheer and life,
But one day towards death they all strive.
Then they all ask the sky almighty,
To make them eternal like their deity.
But the sky just laughs and rumbles,
And chooses the dawn to crumble
The dreams of the thousand followers,
Who used to be skilled wanderers.
Soon the brighter daughter takes her place
And into the brightness she fades,
Singing a lovely tune for,
The loved ones in night who won the war.

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