Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Sajeev Kumar

Halo of Spring

When two hearts spend
All their free moments together
When their entities reach
The height of a child's innocence
When they leave the mysterious doors of secrecy
Wide open for each other
When tears roll down their cheeks
In order to express the culmination of joy
When they feel sad at night's arrival
Because they have to part
When they wake up morning in happy thought
That they can be together again
When their eyes speak volumes to each other
And forget the sight of beingness
When only the hiding silent breeze can hear
The whispering of their hearts
When they excel in simplicity
And forget the craft of perfection
When they dream in a halo of spring
Even when they walk hand in hand in hot summer
When each glance becomes a celebration
And colours their minds with rainbows
When enchanting smiles dawn in their solitude
Amidst the uninteresting pressure of existence
When they worship each other
Like a little girl's prayer to God
When each simply adores everything related to the other
Even the small pebbles on the path lead to their dwellings
When their souls embrace each other
With the sanctity of moonlight
When they respect each other's thoughts
Without a blink of doubt in their eyes
When they sway freely among the multitude
Who are engrossed in mending their masks
When they share themselves to nature
Even to a single leaf of grass
     My dear daughter...
     Love dances between them.

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