Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Ruchika Pahwa

The Silence of Words

While some words were busy with their chatter
A strong wave caused a splatter
Those poor words dissolved their matter
And went down to finally scatter
They were led out of their rhyming world
Where they delightfully swirled
Nothing was present to make it whirled
Except a slight emotion that hurled and hurled
To push them to a new destination
That randomized their entire creation
And made them lose their vibration
So nothing was left by the name of elation
Words went into deep silence
But it was not their shyness
From forming another alliance
They just wanted a ray of guidance
While they were left bereaved
And while they felt deprived
A new meaning was derived
For which they had always strived
Sunshine came with a new sensation
That bound them in a fresh formation
Their long silence turned into conversation
And words started to walk back toward veneration

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