Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist, Prashant Rajpoot

Oh, I Wish The World Rebel

Oh, I wish the world rebel
 To recast itself and soothe the swell
 Induce all to induct humanity
 Be Philanthropist and spread serenity
 Oh I wish the world rebel
The fanatic terrorists insipid the world
 Now, the innocent blood start a surge
 Whether it is Syria’s, Africa’s or Afghan’s mourn,
Adhere the adrift places and let the peace born
Let the humanity’s flag furl in the world
 Oh I wish the world rebel
Oh, the greedy world rebuff the money and power
 Reckon your bad deeds & check the blood’s shower
You are proceeding inattentively standing at the bay
Not aware of the almighty’s doomsday
Oh dears, vitalize the earth rather move into darker
 Oh, I wish the world rebel

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