Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Meenakshi Vijay

Save Nature

Nurturing like a mother
Abundant unlike any other
Transforming yet staying the same
Unbelievable but true.
Ranges of peaks reaching the clouds
Eastern winds carrying the Sun through.
Indomitable and inescapable
Serene seas shimmering blue.
Blooming  flowers from beneath rocks
Everlasting is this secret, locked.
Animals pause as the sun sets
United by every breath.
Tenderly healing mind, body and soul
Illustrating the universal goal.
Forever to protect and preserve our home
Until the day the winds cease
Loving nature without boundaries.
Sadly engulfed by pollution
A living dream- a lost solution?
Vastness wasted with no restriction
Early rise to our destruction.
Inevitable that we take action
The choice is ours- a chain reaction.
(The first letters of each line put together reads “Nature is beautiful. Save it.”)

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