Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Kanchan Gandhi

Forget If She Must, But Why?

It’s eight in the morning in a small Indian town,
She is tossing an omelette for his breakfast,
As her tears roll down,
He enters the kitchen tip-toed and keeps his hand on her shoulder,
What makes you cry this morning my love?
My home, my home, my home! she explodes.

But this is home now! We are back, try to settle back fast,
Settle back fast? And how? she exclaims,
With your mom who passes caustic remarks,
Or your dad who pulls every relationship apart?

This is not my home and will never be,
My dream home is now a fantasy,
I left it back on an island I adored,

Facing the harbor and perched on the 16th floor,
Where the bells chimed with the sea breeze,
Where I hosted many Diwali parties.
Multi-cultural friends I made,
Dancing and singing were regular feats.

My temple visits to Silat Road,
And dining out at Serangoon Road,
Oh tell me can you give me back that life?
Walking home alone at 2 am in the night?

Forget if I must but why should I?
Not my home, but you selfish guy.
Memories are precious of our time alone,
On the island called Singapore.

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