Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Husain Rasheed

Love Her As She Was Never Yours

Love is the beginning and the end,
Love is where we come from,
where we are going and
what we live between the two,
Love is what fills the soul,
Love is everything,
Love. Love. Love. 

She was not the first but understood me better than rest of all,
She was an ache in the heart,
Used to wash away my sorrow apart,
She was a galaxy, an entire universe, a new world altogether,
A swirling mess of stars and dust and light,
She could conquer the gods with her might. 

A home away from home,
Her arms strong and steady like the roof,
Her chest tender and familiar.
Eyes - big, bold and beautiful, reflecting happiness all around.
She was the first yawn in the morning,
Barely awake but beaming.
You could never,
You could never have imagined you would love someone quite like this.
Her one glance and you could feel all back at home,
A home away from home. 

She was the first who could make you laugh so hard,
Your heart could jump out every minute every second.
And there, there is where you love her.
There, in her comfy lullabies.
When her hands had made their way idly into your hair,
and you felt a tug at your heart,
and a hitch in your breath
when she kissed you good night. 

She trod you lightly when you were about to stumble,
She knew the words behind your mumble.
She was grace when you were a mayhem,
She was calmness of the shore when you were the storm,
She is still the fire you feel inside your chest,
the guilt trip rooted in your heart,
the last thought before you sleep every night. 

She was love,
Yes! She was love and my friend
Love is never meant to be bound inside the walls.
She was a moment that passed by,
passed by in a jiffy,
Let her go, pass by,
Let her turn another barren land into a garden.
But you should still dare to love her but

You and I are this generation,
A lot of heart breaks but a few relations.
We are heartbroken,
Yes. You.
You. and You.
and I.
The only key to true love is LOVE HER AS SHE WAS NEVER YOURS.

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