Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Happy Kumar

Queen Of Darkness

They came every night,
To get hold of my body's each hole;
They tore my clothes,
And penetrated through my soul;
They had no emotions,
Had only lusty eyes;
Hungry to grab my skin,
Heeding no ears to my cries;
They tried different postures,
Different move, different style;
Carried on calling me names,
My pain made them to smile;
But I never felt unbearable pain,
Not a single drop of tear in my eyes;
But When sun rose to horizon,
And my existence, they deny;
No more I could control myself,
No more my  eyes could remain dry.....
A series of questions crossed my mind,
What In this World can I call as "MY"!
Whether I really Exist on this Earth!!
Tell me please, If it is a lie.
Why my existence is limited,
To these areas called red-light?
Am I born only to,
Satisfy them every night?
Why can't I move freely,
In those societies called Cultured?
Am I just "The Queen of Darkness"?
With every daylight who is ought to be murdered.

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