Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Dr. Diwakar Pokhriyal

Witnessing Pain

I am unable,
To bear the pain,
Of the child,
A child who hasn’t even seen,
His mother, which scientific law will solve this?
And that sinking body,
Does he know?
His child is waiting,
Anxiously for him to be back,
Any mathematical equation can bring this unknown?
Or this old lady, that is lost,
In this sane world, being insane, No! Not due to passion
I can’t look towards, the skeletons,
Of rejected relations,
The divisions of monetary clan,
I can’t digest watching, 
The blood scattered like sprinkled water,
And Flashing lights of OTs,
At every corner,
I can grasp the fear,
Who pray for such life?
Agonizing and racing,
Apparently waiting to cease,
Or holding onto the hope, I won’t write history of pain,
Oh no, in a small arc,
I witness the tears,
Of happiness and relief,
Of emotions so true,
Of new life, of rebirth,
But my whole life, glance at the painting,
Am I ‘Picasso of pain’?
Who want such life?
Do you?
I am a hospital, is that my fault, Oh Friend!

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