Saturday 20 February 2016

Poetry 2016 Thirdprize Devika Dhond


Erect to the paving the hive
Swarming the bees where amass
Slipped an electron then alive
Plunged on the tassel ALAS!

Followed then what
Fate, trait or taught

Crayons colossal those crusty colours
Sketches unremitting the canvas
Bolster the blues petty the pink flowers
Portly the pictures, skinny the carcass

Prose; that frenzy wordy rose
Thorns like letters punctured; a scuffle
Panicky rhymes; caricature of a pose
Devoured books of pages; a muffle

Gotten then down
Hollow the bowed crown

Bee--zzzzz then danced out; sluiced
Bare empty vacant, vale on the chart
Bleak, worthless my mind; bruised
Clutching the bloody freight; my heart

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