Saturday 20 February 2016

Poetry 2016 Longlist, Sarah Joseph

Tender Soles

Delicate and supple, her feet touch the ground,
For the very first time.
The warmth of the carpet embraces her toes.
Inquisitive, she takes a step forward
And another. And another.
Unsteady as she is, she falls
For the first time.
But, not the last.
Supported, she stands up,
This time stronger
Bold and fearless, she strides ahead
Confident of her gait.
Misguided, she treads on a perilous path.
Stepping on broken glass,
She cuts her feet,
Blood. Fresh blood tricking down.
Staining the sparking snow.
Refusing to admit defeat,
She carries on,
Till she reaches the refreshing streams,
The cool water rejuvenates her sole.
Accidently treading on hot coals,
She shrieks in pain,
Becoming conscious of the agony
Burnt and blistered, yet she perseveres.
The cool marble soothes her soles
And she attains the strength to carry on
One step at a time, her pace quickens
'til she is oblivious of her surroundings.
Her feet are now fatigued and calloused.
Though the pain has vanished,
The scars remain.
Forever. The marks of her journey.

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