Saturday 20 February 2016

Poetry 2016 Longlist, Monalisa Joshi

Darling! Make Love

The night is still youthful,
And so the moon is, as they
Twain lit our small galleria,
With its soothing light, that,
 Is making me and you half,
Shadow and half human,
Brimming our naked bodies,
Tonight of intimate desires,
My bare skin veiled with,
Chiffon, revealing my heart,
Alas! Tonight much silence,
Has captured our tiny abode,
I know you are still hearing,
Carefully my heart thumping,
Loud behind my bare bosom,
As I can hear thine beats aloud,
Come my beloved! Make love,
And forget all that chains us,
Aback, let your manhood roar,
In this silent dwelling, filled,
With moon’s glow, still I am,
Hiding behind the dark, not,
Letting it touch me, for I am,
Only thine, and my eyes are,
Gazing too your masculinity,
Hidden in the shadows, as you,
 Stand far, watching me with,
Marauding eyes, and I am sensing,
In this wordless fight of ours’
How thou emotions are controlling,
Thy mind, your breaths are heavy,
With wide chest rising up and high,
Let your desires spill and find their,
Way out and reach unto me,
For I am waiting to be eaten,
With the beast thy soul is in,
Frail my soul, and I am woman,
Why are thy eyes so blind?
To read my rising dersires,
And heave me unto thy fire,
I know thine ego stops you tonight,
Thy feet jammed with the same,
But am I not a woman in shame?
And so I remained hushed for long,
Slowly losing my hopes I rose,
Perchance! It was much to ask for,
A night of romance, a night of ecstacy,
I slowly walked and passed by,
Hath you held me by arms?
I shivered in pain, as thy grip tight!
And yet I blushed, my heart pounding,
Coming to my mouth, my soul danced,
Within my body, as you jerked my arms,
Filling me in embrace, and I cocooned,
Soon the shadows melted away,
We became bodies wrapped in each other,
The moon and the night gazing,
From above our naked dance of love,
My soul’s voice you heard,
Darling! Make love, make love!
Tonight, as I’m trapped in your warmth,
I sense the mayhem melting away,
And our love making is divine,
Yet I confess from core, how I sensed your,
Rigid love, that abused my body,
But I still surrender unto thy feet,
For your love is my temple and,
I have found refuge in many storms,
Within thou heart, and thou emrbace,
Though, you ever stood stone with a strong chest!

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