Saturday 20 February 2016

Poetry 2016 Longlist, Laxmi Rane

I Love History

The alarm rang,
Groan, my day just began.
It’s 6am. Have to get dressed and run,
Breakfast in hand, files in my mouth,
I can already hear the honk of the school bus horn.
Hope I get a window seat,
So I can get some sleep.
All that honking and chatter on the bus ride,
I am so tired I wish I could skip school,
Just walked into class, it’s Math and my homework is all wrong.
English was a breeze,
And Science super fun.
But wait the best is yet to come.
Soon it’s time for social studies,
In walks my History teacher,
With a long face and a torn book,
I can already hear the class moan,
But moi, I just smile.
I love history,
It’s like a sweet lullaby,
It just puts me to sleep,
I love the way the same stories repeat,
The same kings, the same battles,
Next grade, same battles,
The same causes, the same questions,
Why do we study history?
Why study the past?
Who cares anyways, how does the past matter?
My eyes begin to shut as the chapter is begun,
The cool breeze, the warm sun,
The teacher talks and then some more,
It feels as though I am listening to a one way radio,
I can’t fight this beautiful sleep anymore,
No need to ask questions,
Even if you do it’s too noisy to be heard,
Try asking one and be sure to be booed.
Mug up and don’t think too much,
Its the grades that really matter.
Critical thinking and research,
What’s the difference?
Who makes a career in History?
A loser, A science reject for sure!
I look around to cover my back,
Don’t want to get caught dozing in class,
I watch half the class sharing the same sentiments as me,
Some checking the watch,
Some drawing moustaches on faces,
The rest squirm in their seats.
Finally the school bell rings,
What a relief! We’re officially out of hell today,
Tomorrow will be another day.
Thank you History for putting me to sleep,
Tomorrow while I’m at it I shall dream a little dream,
Where the grass is green and the world is peaceful and serene.

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