Tuesday 1 September 2015

Poetry 2015 Shortlist, Vandana Kumari Jena


No one can accuse you
of a display of love
You remain as forbidding
as ever
And yet when you walk
into my house
the flame of the forest
bursts into bloom
The wind chime flutters
and the cymbals clang
Fireflies dance around the trees
Butterflies cavort
amidst the flowers
Crickets chirp in welcome
 and ladybirds somersault
I drop the cloak
of languor
shaken by  an adrenalin rush
as though you are
a  magical pill
that can
and breathe life
into my somnolent desires
Put brush strokes
on  the canvases
I left unpainted
Embellish the poems
I left unfinished
 Complete the songs
I left unsung
 Chisel the sculptures
 that remained half done
I yearn for you with
 a physical ache
debilitating in its intensity
and yet
do not want
this yearning
to end
For the pain of wanting
gives me pleasure
and this endless waiting

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