Tuesday 1 September 2015

Poetry 2015, Shortlist Diwakar Pokhriyal

A Woman
(Acrostic + Rhyme + Enclosed Rhyme + Etheree + Free verse + Lyrette + Senryu)

Amazingly amazing,
Wonder of god we say,
Omnipresent and artistic,
Magical attire,
Absolute culmination of love,
Naughty,yet, nourishing, 
She has been misunderstood,
Time and time again,
A Cinderella of heaven,
Lives here in pain,
Used and abused by demons,
Sarcasm overpowers sanity,
Still, she fights courageously,
Against the dark vanity
What a sorry state of humanity,
Pearls are being decimated,
Purity is to be cremated,
 Creature loves insanity,
Ripped apart in pieces,
Blind eyes are the trend,
Rules here only bend,
For lust, busy with monetary thesis 
Wake up now,
And understand,
The equality,
Stop right away, this split,
Sketched to dissect the prudence,
Sketched to paint the cacophony
Sketched to demean the lone purity,
Stop right away, to create a heaven,
A woman is complete,
A perfect depiction of nature,
She is the power, the Godess,
She is right, she is wrong,
She is a song, she is a rhythm,
A Pure lover,
A  beautiful friend,
A creator,
A warrior,
Spring, winter, autumn,
In atomic sensations,  
A woman exists

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