Tuesday 1 September 2015

Poetry 2015, FeaturedWriter Linda Ashok

a poem on ravage                       

We discussed
discussed sanitization
in popular poetry

we discussed
the difference between
poets and poetry
running into each other
on heavy traffic

only to be
replenished the way
death in his milk jaws
chewed Jibananda
into cosmic cud
And swallowed again

We discussed roots
not tap
not fibrous
not any other kind
but a kind with the sense
Of ants
We arrived
after a night’s long talk
over Kyber and
the silk route
that runs between
the cliff of small and the big red toe

We realized
we had turned
bird bone hollow inside
thus floating 
like two skeleton silences

on a plate
of blue, blue, blue ocean
in a while
like two Chinese
gypsy librarians
we earnestly asked each other

if the path ahead
leads to infinity, chaos
or stasis in our little radios

We discussed the map of emptiness
landfilling and eventually

where the two of us
are islands exiled
in different current

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